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McDonough Asphalt Paving installs, maintains and repairs asphalt for many different uses including driveways, parking lots, walkways, private roadways, basketball courts, hot rubber crack filling and sealcoating.

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Potholes in the area are a particular nuisance and McDonough Asphalt Paving can fill and repair those. Seal Coating is especially important in preventing cracks and potholes for long-term maintenance of your asphalt surface.

With more than 30 years in the business, McDonough Asphalt Paving has earned the reputation of being a first-rate asphalt installation and repair company. We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind and are confident you will be pleased with our services.We are owner operated which means that KEVIN and PATRICK McDonough are on every job site and are readily available to answer any questions or concearns you may have.

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April Showers Bring...Potholes? Crack Sealing to the Rescue!

Rain showers can wreak havoc on a store both indoors and outdoors. Leaky roofs, windows, and plumbing fixtures are just a few issues that may result after a heavy rain. Oftentimes overlooked or unrealized, however, are the detrimental effects of moisture on pavement. Water seeps into cracks and softens or weakens the sub-base. During temperature fluctuations, common in spring, water that is trapped beneath the surface can widen cracks and even cause pavement heaving. If left untreated, cracks can quickly spread to adjacent areas and worsen with heavy traffic loads. Not only is this unsightly in terms of curb appeal, it is also dangerous. Open cracks, uneven transitions, asphalt depressions, and potholes can pose tremendous liability and safety issues to customers and employees.

Paying attention to cracks and applying sealant in a timely manner is the most beneficial service that can be performed on a parking lot. When applied properly, sealed cracks on a sound pavement should remain sealed for three to ten years. The length of time depends on the original condition of the pavement (severely deteriorated pavement will not benefit from crack sealing), geographic area (pavements in cold locations deteriorate faster than those in warm locations), and weather conditions (pavements in humid or wet climates deteriorate faster than in arid climates). Crack sealing is also cost effective because it delays more expensive restoration such as resurfacing or reconstruction.

For more information on crack sealing, please call McDonough Asphalt Paving at 781-837-4411.

Source: rosepaving.com